Collabrated Public Art Project: Living Ruins


Project Description

"Living Ruins"is a public art project collabrated by Wenli Liu, Mengda Zhang and Bin Tu. Our team dedicates to the Ludian earthquake. On August 3rd, 2014, Ludian county, a beautiful small town in the south of China, experienced a horrible earthquake. Due to the earthquake, 617 people died, 112people went missing, and most of the buildings were destroyed.

This project contains two parts: a public sculpture and a documentary.

The Sculpture

The public sculpture is about 20 ft*10 ft* 8 ft (length*width*height), combining objects chosen from local abandoned buildings and soil with plant seeds we collected from Ludian. In the first stage of this project, the sculpture will appear to be three separated reinforced concrete structures. Nevertheless, when the next spring comes, plants will grow from the cracks, reuniting all the parts of the sculpture to a complete visually pleasing building. Though we have given the initial shape to the sculpture, the outcome of the sculpture will be determined by nature, which conveys the idea that nature could heal everything through time.

The Documentary

The project was also documented in order to deliver an optimistic power to not only the locals but also the human race. The documentary was presented in the BFA Show in Sullivan Gallery at School of the Art Institute of Chicago in March 2016.